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Friday, 25 June 2021

The return of ‘Touchdown’ Tony Brown: East Central reunion at PRCC

Credit: WXXV
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The return of ‘Touchdown’ Tony Brown: East Central reunion at PRCC
The return of ‘Touchdown’ Tony Brown: East Central reunion at PRCC

If you ever went to an East Central High School football game when Touchdown Tony Brown was in the backfield, you knew you were in for something special.

- if you ever went to an east - central high school football- game... when "touchdown" tony brown was in the backfield... - you knew you were in for- something special.- but after going three years - without hitting paydirt, at - south - alabama... the former gatorade- player of the year is already - back to scoring touchdowns... - faster than you can say... "rol river roll."

- nat ---> "they don't call you 'touchdown' - tony brown for no reason.

They- don't call you that for no- reason."

Just like riding a bike is to - most people... scoring a- touchdown is... - to tony brown... even if it has- been more than three years... - since his last trip to the- - - - endzone.

"one heck of a story.

Mean i wouldn't have guessed i- would've been here, but i'm - still - grateful either way."

The newest pearl river communit- college running - back certainly lived up to his- nickname, during the wildcats'- spring game... with two house - calls... on his last two- carries... including the- game-winner.- nat ---> cheering - but it was the touchdown run, o- the previous series... that put- the friday night, in hurley...- right into the thursday night..- in poplarville.

- "most definitely.

I mean the ru i had at the end of the - scrimmage was the - funnest for me."

"that was an effort run.

I mean that's who we have to be.

Tony- has got a ton of ability.

- a lot of kids have ability.

But- what separates him is how hard- he plays, so that - play was a great indicator of - kind of who he is as a football- player."

Former east central head coach- seth smith should know... - after riding his 50 touchdowns- all the way to the 4-a state- championship game... in 20-17.- two months later... brown was - part of the hornets' record - national signing day class... - having put pen to paper... with- south alabama... where he rushe- just seven times, for 42- yards... no - touchdowns... during his three- seasons... as a jaguar.

- "it taught me a lot as far as football, life and everything - else goes.

And then having the- opportunity to come here becaus- things at south just didn't - quite work out was- even better, and having coach - smith here made it even - greater."

"fun to see tony do it.

His day being buried under a depth char- are now over."

Re-united at last... though - smith isn't the only coach, wit- big plans for brown... now a- focal point, of p-r-c-c's new-- look offense... under co- - offensive coordinator and - former ole miss quarterback...- bo wallace.

- "yeah, i think he's got great vision.

And with his size, he - runs with a lot of power.

It's - lot - more power than you would see.- his jump cuts are really- unbelievable.

He's just - got really great feet and a - really good feel for the game."

"oh, it's electric.

I mean he can always find an open hole or- make something- happen when there's nothing - there."

Brown is currently one of five- former east central players - - - - on scholarship, at p-r-c-c... - where he now gets the chance- to become "touchdown" ton brown... all over again... in a- place he says... feels like - home.

- "definitely humbling whenever i left south, but it doesn't- change anything.

I've still got- the same heart, same mindset an- i'm going to do what i need to- do to get out of here - and play again in d1."

Nat ---> "just like old times, huh?

Yes, sir!"

- brown still has three years of- eligibility remaining...- having red-shirted, in 20-18...- and getting a year back, due to- the pandemic...


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