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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Quilts of Valor Ceremony at Coast Sew and Vac in Gulfport

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Quilts of Valor Ceremony at Coast Sew and Vac in Gulfport
Quilts of Valor Ceremony at Coast Sew and Vac in Gulfport

The South Mississippi Quilts of Valor group showed its appreciation to local men and women that serve our country Friday afternoon.

- the south mississippi quilts of- valor group once again- showed its appreciation to loca- men and women that- serve our country this- afternoon.- even throughout the pandemic, - quilts of valor - volunteers have been hard at- work making handmade quilts,- specifically crafted for each - military member.- since 2003, the foundation has- made and gifted over 260,000- quilts nationwide.- - - - the coast's most recent quilt - recipient is mississippi army - national guard's david dominey.- dominey has served for 18 years- and credits the - support from his wife of 15 - - - - years for why he continues to - serve his country.- - erica dominey, david's wife and- former combat medic: "i - nominated him because i see his- everyday struggles.

- i'm proud of him getting up - every morning and putting the - - - - uniform on and wearing it days- on end.

But i also see the the- man after he takes the uniform- off and i - see the weight that is on his - shoulders.

And they don't alway- get that pat on the back or - that congratulations or 'hey, - thank you for what you're - - - - doing.'

And i just felt like it- was something small that i coul- do for him."- "david dominey, mississippi arm- national guard 890th battalion:- "it means a lot to get it and - now that i know the - program's here, i've got some - people i served with that are - having a lot harder - times than i am with things and- i'm probably going to try and - see if i can get- with them and nominate some of- them."- if you would like to get- involved in the quilts for valo- program - or nominate a military member,- visit q-oh-v-f dot org or - contact - - gretchen breland at the number- on your