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Thursday, 24 June 2021

Woman looking for justice after dog killed

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Woman looking for justice after dog killed
Woman looking for justice after dog killed
Woman looking for justice after dog killed

A north alabama man is out on bond tonight.

Arab police say he killed a woman's dog!

Waay31's sierra phillips met with that woman.

She described the horrifying scene she came home to last monday.

Burgett- "that night when i got home, and i couldn't find jax anywhere, i found a hole in my wall that was not there when i left, there was blood on the side of my bed it looked like footprints, and then there was blood on my panel."

Right now - jill burgett tells me she's still piecing together the gruesome - and what had to be, terrifying and painful last moments of her 3-year-old dog jax's life.

Burgett- "you could see that my baby was trapped, he had him trapped in my room, you could tell by the blood i mean there was blood everywhere."

Arab police arrested burgett's ex-boyfriend james whitley this week, a little more than a week after burgett says he beat her dog to death.

She says once whitley told her where to find the dog's body, her vet confirmed what happened.

Burgett- "his injuries go from one end of his body all the way to the other."

Now, she wants justice.

Burgett- "it's been tough, it's been really tough, but i'm going to make sure he pays, i'm gonna fight for jax."

Ll- she explained she's heartbroken but not giving up.

Whitley is facing a felony animal cruelty charge.

Reporting in arab sierra phillips waay31 news.

An animal cruelty charge is a class c felony.

It could come with up