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Thursday, 24 June 2021

Hayfield BB PKG

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Hayfield BB PKG
Hayfield BB PKG
Hayfield baseball package

Have one pool play game to go.

Meanwhile ?

"* baseball is back!

The hayfield vikings lost their season last year due to covid?

"*19, but they are back and ready to make another run for the state tournament.

Kimt news three's sports mary peters spoke with the team about what they need to do to get the hayfield vikings just welcomed back their boys' basketball team from winning the state championship.

The baseball team is hoping to do the same on the diamond.

8 after covid, we lost a bunch of our other varsity guys, but we're still as strong as we were before and we're still going to compete just the way we would, even with those other guys.

We're going to put up a good fight every single game and we're going to make it to the state championship, just like we would have last year.

15 the hayfield baseball team made it to the state tournament in 20?

"*19, but came up short.

Without a season last year due to covid?

"*19, te athletes are ready to play.

The team is off to a good start so far scoring 30 runs in just two games.

It was awesome.

We all played together, had a really strong defense.

When i was pitching in the beginning, we were doing good and then halfway through, i struggled a little bit with walks, but my team came together.

We hit the ball really well also and it was just a great performance overall, all around.

15 the vikings beat the triton cobras 11?

"*1 today ?

"* their second of the season.

Regardless of wins and losses, the team is just grateful to be able to play again and to be back on the field together.

It's amazing.

Last year we didn't get one.

Just really a let down for us.

We were hoping to go to state again, but hopefully it's going to be a great year this year.

8 it's always fun out there, you know.

We're always making jokes.

Our shortstop ... he likes to throw knuckleballs, throw it all over, weird pitches.

Whenever he's throwing it around the infield, he's (?






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