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Friday, 18 June 2021

Shasta wins their 7th straight River Bowl

Credit: KHSL
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Shasta wins their 7th straight River Bowl
Shasta wins their 7th straight River Bowl
Shasta defeats Enterprise in River Bowl XXIX

To redding now - the 29th river bowl between shasta and enterprise.

Carmela karcher was there with the highlights.

Carmela karcher: "the 29th river bowl is finally here and shasta and enterprise are more than ready to get this rivalry going."

The signs were up and the fans were ready for this epic showdown.

Shasta marched on the field after enterprise's senior celebrations& hoping to win yet another river bowl.

Let's get straight into the highlights.

The wolves were dominant from the start& making huge defensive plays and stopping the hornets from making any movement.

Less than 5 minutes left in the second& senior hunter pinkston finds the perfect route for a nearly 40 yard touchdown.

After missing an extra point& shasta leads enterprise 13-6.

But it doesn't stop there.

Enterprise&with the ball&but boom.

Michael traylor!

With his second interception!

This one&a 15-yard pick 6!

Shasta ended up defeating enterprise for their 7th straight river bowl win.

Carmela karcher: " 49-12