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Saturday, 19 June 2021

Yreka vs West Valley, Gridley vd Orland, Live Oak vs Biggs

Credit: KHSL
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Yreka vs West Valley, Gridley vd Orland, Live Oak vs Biggs
Yreka vs West Valley, Gridley vd Orland, Live Oak vs Biggs
Yreka vs West Valley, Gridley vd Orland, Live Oak vs Biggs

Defensive gave from west valley second highlight: scoreless going into the second first td by west valley 7:55 left in 2q third highlight: west valley senior holden gilbert comes across the field foothill qb davis smith sack fourth highlight: 71 yard td by foothill running back laloli cooper west valley would go on to win one 21 to seven.

Next up we have gridley taking on orland.

We start you off in the first quarter of the game gridley with an out pass to shay carr who finds a few yards before getting taken down in the endzone giving his team a 27 point advantage.

And they'll creep their way down into the redzone once again some nice blocking up front creating a hole for the running back who finds paydirt giving the trojans a 34 point lead.

And they'll kick this one back off to orland who catches it on the 20 making a defender miss and you can forget about him michael lister taking this one allll the way in for the touchdown to finally get his team on the board.

What a return.

But gridley isn't backing down elias counihan catching this one and he will do the rest taking it down the sideline before finding the endzone 41 to seven gridley.

And they'll force an orland punt but the punter bounces it off his own teamates head who will eventually scoop up the football.

And gridley will do it again going through the air this time for another touchdown.

Gridley would go on to win this one 48 to seven.

Live oak at biggs!


Biggs #46 shavon gramps- green senior rb touchdown 2.

Biggs #46 shavon another touchdown 3.

Live oak #7 odin moody senior taken down by biggs #2 junior riley rutherford and #8 junior camren jackson 4.

Biggs #46 shavon another touchdown 5.

Biggs #46 shavon another touchdown 6-0 biggs would go on to win this one 67 to six.

#46 senior shavon gramps-green is currently leading the state in rushing touchdowns.

The biggs senior class players have amassed a 31-5 record over their 4 year high school careers.

The team is also currently ranked #1 in the state in rushing yards and #3


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