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Saturday, 19 June 2021

Fort Wayne United teams up with FWPD to teach about use of force within department

Credit: WFFT
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Fort Wayne United teams up with FWPD to teach about use of force within department
Fort Wayne United teams up with FWPD to teach about use of force within department

Through a partnership with Fort Wayne United, local high school and college students learned how the Fort Wayne Police Department use of force protocol works, and some were put through scenarios to get a glimpse of life behind the badge.

Bear spray.

Tensions and calls for justice continue across the country after multiple police shootings.right now -- the derek chauvin trial is wrapping up its second week of trial...and protests continue in chicago after the release of body cam footage in the police killing of adam toledo.

Tonight -- fort wayne united teamed up with fort wayne police to give them a look at what life is like from behind the caleb ox 55 saylor was at the training session today and has more.

?nat pop of something?

High school and college students from around fort wayne came together today to learn what it like to be a police officer.

Purdue fort wayne student jawaun phillips says he and his friends have had negative interactions with police growing up in gary.

T was kind of uncomfortable because the whole time i was wondering ey, they might shoot me or they might do something that unethical and that they shouldn do, even if i in the right.

Training exercises ?nat of him doing training?

And classroom education, phillips and his peers got a small glimpse of life behind the badge.

Ven though it was just a scenario, it was very have to go through these things.

They have to make quick decisions fort wayne united program director greggory smith-causey says one of the goals is to get these young men to recognize police officers as human but he also wants to makee safe in the futu really what they can learn and take home to their communities and get them home safe, to project a message of partnership with their communities and police officers.

Bullet was fired and they were debriefed, smith-causey says the message was delivered.

Fter we went through the entire training and i spoke to them, i believe anyone left here without a change of heart or at least a change of perspective caleb saylor fox 55 news smith-causey says his ultimate goal is to get all high schools in the area to do a program like this


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