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Saturday, 12 June 2021

Some restaurants can no longer offer take-out alcohol

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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Some restaurants can no longer offer take-out alcohol
Some restaurants can no longer offer take-out alcohol

Restaurants outside of the downtown district will no longer be able to offer take-out alcohol

Will no longer be allowed to sell to-go alcohol beverages.

W-t-v-a-s taylor tucker spoke with the city attorney to get more insight on the new order.


Aslive: because of the pandemic... tupelo restaurants were selling wine and mixed drinks through carryout, curbside and drive through.

But now the city has a new order that will revert back to the 2017 leisure and recreation district policy that stops resturants located outside of the downtown district from selling to go alcohol.

Sot: "alot of people liked it, we liked it, it was better for business."

Luis sosa - d casa manager d casa is a popular restaurant in tupelo that makes a lot of their money off their to-go serivices.

When the restaurant was able to sell alcholic beverages to-go, business really increased.

Sot: "who doesn't want a margarita with their food, especially with mexican food.

So it actually increased business a lot, it was really convenient for everybody."

Luis sosa - d casa manager to help restaurants out in the pandemic, the mayor and city council adopted a temporary amendment to the leisure and recreation district ordinance which allowed all restaurants in tupelo's city limits to sell acholic beverages to go.

City attonrey ben logan said the idea stemmed from alot of restaurants only doing carry out orders.

But restaurants outside of the dowtown district knew the ordiance was only temporary and that selling to go alcoholic beverages wouldn't last long.

Sot: "the ordinance had a built-in re- peeler, and that condition has come, and we have to go by the ordinance and go back to what we were."

Ben logan - city attorney d casa is outside of the district limits and will no longer be able to sell to-go beverages but they have already thought of ways to contribute to business without the privilege of selling alcoholic beverages to-go.

Sot: "well we can sale the mixes without the alcohol, we can sale it by the gallon or with the cup without the alcohol, that way everybody can just add the alcohol at the house.

Thats the best thing next that we can do."

Luis sosa tag: city attorney ben logan told me the city may look into expanding what districts will be able to sell to-go alcholic beverages.

Reporting in tupelo taylor tucker wtva 9 news.

The state health department continues to confirm more


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