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Thursday, 17 June 2021

sick little girl

Credit: WTHI
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sick little girl
sick little girl
sick little girl

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Today is a day to remember for one local ten-year old.

Audrey mischler is a young girl who is living with a rare and fatal disease.

Her father says she is one of only three people living with neiman-pick disease type c... a disease that causes severe neurological problems that become worse over time.

Today she was honored with a local fundraiser set up by family friends.

"runnin racks for audrey" included a pool tournament, raffles, music, and kareoke for everyone to enjoy.

Audrey's father says this fundraiser meant a lot to audrey and their family.

"it's just to show her that there is really magic in the world.

It may not be something that you can hold in your hand or preform in a trick but it's in peoples hearts."

To learn more about audrey's story and how you can support her... visit our website at wthi tv