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Monday, 21 June 2021

isu bees campus

Credit: WTHI
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isu bees campus
isu bees campus
isu bees campus

"bees" play a very important role in our environment.

And with the help of some i.s.u.

Volunteers... those "bees" can thrive even in the city.

Students with i.s.u.

Put in some back work early this morning to help create more space for bees to pollinate.

This is all in part to keep i.s.u.

"bee campus u.s.a."


And that means the garden has to have so many "native" flowerbeds for "bee" pollinators.

News 10 caught up with one of the student coordinators at the i.s.u.

Community garden center.

And she explains that this garden can help bring more "bee" life throughout the city.

"something like this, is really important because we can bring pollinators here.

And so for their flower beds at home or for their gardens at home, their pollinators are pretty close by."

The garden the garden center is always looking for volunteers.

If you'd like to participate in one of their volunteer days you can reach out to the garden house directly located in downtown terre haute.

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