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Friday, 25 June 2021

Okolona organizations hosted a household supply giveaway

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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Okolona organizations hosted a household supply giveaway
Okolona organizations hosted a household supply giveaway

On Saturday afternoon, Okolona Housing Authority and Molina Healthcare gave away free household cleaning supplies

Supplies can usually get pretty costy.

But, some people didnt worry about the cost of their supplies because they were free.

W-t-v-a's taylor tucker was in okolona to see how 2 organizations came together to give away free supplies to those in the community.

"here in okolona, this tent made it easy for people to drive thru, grab there supplies and go, all less than ten seconds.

It was just that easy."

Sot: "you get free stuff, when someone is giving something away you always try to get it."

Mamie robinson - okolona resident many people like mamie robinson enjoyed the free supplies that molina healthcare and okolona housing authority handed out.

The household giveaway was one way to ensure people in the community had household items to follow saftey guidelines in order to prevent the coronavirus.

Sot: "from a cleaning standpoint, to help we want to make sure people have information on keeping your hands clean washing your hands, making sure that youre following those safety guidelines."

Michelle jones - community engagement manager clarisse adams is the executive director of okolona housing authority.

She said she saw a need for assistance in the community, with dealing with the coronavirus and stopping the spread.

And cleaning supplies could help work towards preventing the virus in the community.

Sot: "hygine, disinfect, cleaning, thats the biggest asset we can have to stop the spread of covid."

Clarisse adams- executive director of okolona housing together okolona housing authority and molina healthcare handed out bags that included paper towels, sponges, hand soap, and all purpose cleaners.

People drove through to get there supplies and some even stepped out there cars to get more information on heatlhcare.

For mamie robinson, she said events like today's makes her feel good because she knows she can use all the items handed out today.

Sot: "it makes me feel good for people to give back.

If i got something to give i'm going to give it especially if i can't use it, and i can use this."

Mamie robinson tag: molina healthcare traveled to several communites to give supplies and plans to continue hosting household supply giveaways.

Reporting in okolona, taylor tucker wtva 9 news.

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