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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Walk a Block

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Walk a Block
Walk a Block
Walk a Block

The suspect knew who he according to the c?


"*c ?* 54 children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

Throughout the month of april ?

"* autism awareness month ?

*- organizations like "one vision" are spreading awareness of autism.

Kimt news 3's alex jirgens is talking with walkers at today's annual walk?


"*block for autism awareness ?

"* about why they it's the first public event one vision has held in public since before the start of the pandemic.

Today ?

"* 17 teams took to southbridge mall to walk and raise money for the one vision children's autism center.

Faith lau has experience in her family ?

"* hr two sons kaiden and orion were both diagnosed with autism within just months of each other.

"it was nice to have some answers and know where we could go.

It was like, 'now what do we do, what is the next step?'

When we found one vision, it was like a godsend."

While it may seem daunting to hear about a diagnosis ?

"* she notes that events like these and services one vision provides can make it easier.

She has been making connections ?

"* knowing that she's not alone.

"when you first care about your kids diagnosed, you feel like you're alone.

When you come to something like this, you're not, you can connect with people and get to know other people, make friends and make connections."

Radio personality jay brooks started the walk in 20?

"*13 ?

"* worki with people who's kids have autism ?

"* which got him interested in the cause and to be a core supporter of the center.

<"people come and walk cuz they maybe have a grandchild in california or florida.

They come and do it to support local."

Now that he has a grandson of his own that was recently diagnosed ?

"* it's taken on a deeper meaning to him.

"it's not a bad thing.

It's one thing that this year's fundraising goal is 20 thousand dollars.

You can still donate ?

"* just


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