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Thursday, 24 June 2021

11pm 2 Shooting & ATV Crash Investigations 04.18.2021

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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11pm 2 Shooting & ATV Crash Investigations 04.18.2021
11pm 2 Shooting & ATV Crash Investigations 04.18.2021

I'm monica harkins it turned out to be a busy day for police in lexington.

Officers are investigating two shootings and a fatal a-t-v crash.

In tonight's top story we break down the details.

### a lexington teenager is dead after a shooting on alumni drive sunday.

Police say a shots fired call came in around 3:45 this afternoon.

According to the fayette county coroner 17-year-old hayden nash was shot inside one of the apartments..nash died on the scene.

This is the same apartment complex that police say 26- year-old bryan green was shot and killed at almost two months ago..though police haven't said if the two shootings are connected.

A neighbor says she had heard screaming before police arrived.

I was on the phone with a girlfriend on the porch and i heard screaming but i kind of thought it was the kids over in this direction so i went in the apartment and five minutes after i got off the phone this ambulance you know fire departement police everybody was here four five maybe six cruisers" police say no one is in custody for the shooting as they continue to investigate.

Police are asking anyone with information about the shooting to submit a tip...and you can do so anonymously 24/7 at bluegrass crime stoppers.

Lexington police were also at pennebaker drive tonight... we had a reporter at the scene of some sort of investigation around 7:15 tonight.

As they report...there was also some kind of fight that broke out while police were there....three women apparently detained.

As you can see our reporter caught part of the argument on camera.

This is a developing story...and we're still waiting to learn more about what happened from police.

### also this afternoon police say there was a deadly a-t-v crash in lexington.

Around 1:30 p-m it happened on haley road....which is out near 64 headed towards winchester.

According to police...only one person died.

The coroner is expected to release more information about how they died after the family is