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Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Electric car show

Credit: KIMT
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Electric car show
Electric car show
Electric car show

Deputies to and from the courthouse.

People flocked to graham park today to check out "drive electric earth day 2021" ... a car show to display a greener form of transportatio n.

Kimt news 3's jeremy wall takes us there.

Electric cars are slowly becoming more popular and today, people had the opportunity to learn more about them.

Owners of tesla, mini's, chevy's and other battery operated car brands weren't shy when it came to showing off their environmental friendly transportatio n to the community.

Every chance i get i talk to people about my electric car and what a great experience it is.

The cars were displayed for rochester electric vehicles electric car show, a chance for more people to ditch the pump for charging stations.

Jonny yucuis, founder of the organization, also hopes this event raises awareness about the cars significance.

There's alot of questions about ev's, and theres seems to be growing interest naturally.

Part of our mission is accelerating electric vehicle adoption.

You know it's very near and dear to my heart for environmental issues and making sure were living in kind of a sustainable way.

While some attendees might be interested in making the switch, becky tri doesnt plan to anytime soon.

I mean there really nice but for a family, probably not ideal as far as space goes.

But very cool looking.

Maybe when their grown and out of the house, her dad and i will have one.

After today's electric car show, yucuis is hoping more people will rochester electric vehicles was planning to hold another event like today's electric car show in sepetember... but due to high attendance today ?*- it's considering doing a couple of smaller events with less


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