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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Mayo Clinic Doctor creates art for patients

Credit: KIMT
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Mayo Clinic Doctor creates art for patients
Mayo Clinic Doctor creates art for patients

Dr. Elizabeth Stephens started creating the art last October to surprise patients when they wake up from surgery.

New on daybreak.

Performing heart surgery is a form of art in itself.

And now... one mayo clinic doctor is taking it a step further and bringing real artwork into the equation with a fine?

"* tipped marker.

Kimt news 3's madelyne watkins joins us live to tell us her story and how it makes her patients feel.

Good morning, madelyne./// brooke and tyler.

It all started in october of last year right here at mayo clinic when a heart surgeon wanted to surprise her eight year old patient when he woke up from surgery.

Since then... it's grown to something bigger than she ever imagined.

Doctor elizabeth stephens primarily works with children ?


"* so creates a safe and comfortable space for them.

Before going into surgery... she gets to know the children and asks what their hobbies are.

And from there... she creates these personalized doodles on their bandages over the incision.

She tells me while it's an added token of joy she can give her patients and their families after what could be a difficult time... it also brings a sense of relief to her as well.

"i think it also helps me kind of re?

"*focus myself instead of getting too worried about the nitty gritty.

Although, i always need to be aware of all those things.

It re?

"*focuses why i'm doing this.

I'm doing this to help kids.

I'm doing this to help help their families and when i draw at the end of the case, i think that just resets my mind.

I'm here to help them and this is my way of showing them in a visual manner."

Doctor stephens tells me she has her team and fellow colleagues in the hospital to thank for encouraging her to keep this up.

And the best part is... the patients don't know about it until they wake up.

Live in rochester.

Madelyne watkins kimt news 3.

Thank you madelyne.

Doctor stephens says there's a plain bandage that goes over the incision then the bandage