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Friday, 25 June 2021

AVOL Kentucky Interview GDK 041921

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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AVOL Kentucky Interview GDK 041921
AVOL Kentucky Interview GDK 041921

Cody and Erica talk to Jon Parker, Executive Director at AVOL Kentucky, about the 2021 AIDS walk.

In the 30s ... does 30s man can do i think that a list label kentucky mission is to collaborate with communities and hiv right here in the late it something as they worked on even through the pandemic in there during up for a really big event coming up to so much on w are john parker was able kentucky here to talk to us mor about this job welcome.

Thank you so much for joining us here in good morning so you guys obviously had to cancel a lot o events last year because the pandemic the walk is a really big one because it helps raise more awareness in the work is doing ... be amazing.

We still have to go all over the ways for people to participate without a lot of hard verbal the hiv cured roadwork people were through th pandemic working with people living with hiv great people and were to walk coming monday 2 pm like media as well as a look normal to you.

This is huge also.

Walker takes every year in the community understand two more about the mission here that you guys are to get the word out about what you do you know would be the don't know the critical hiv testing three people to know that they can take action.

We all are people who are living with the focus narrowly on how the because we know how to have a roof over your focus on getting better all the way as you walk go toward ... you always that effort going so far fundraising effort, especially were people of a little because ... we such a great out pouring of support we live with this year's walk about 30 days ago on were getting very $35,000 goal but we could use more.

Everything is everything all the details efficient for donations are a walk people still involved in this republican life of social media walk on their own photo on social media with a walk they can donate for the sure with family and friends you know somebody impacted by hiv something for them on their behalf.

We would be so much appreciated and before sunday is actually a really big tomorrow correct tomorrow and a.m.

Working around the new housing develop the field wrote to walk the 20 apartment or optical or medically vulnerable to living with hiv and could be permanent housing involve operation work, but the possibilities about ... unlimited and can't wait to keep us updated salad all the good work that you guys are doing out there for sure.

Thank you so much for