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Sunday, 26 September 2021

WATCH FULL | Attorney general Aaron Ford talks Derek Chauvin verdict, Jorge Gomez case, bills in Nevada Legislature

Credit: KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas
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WATCH FULL | Attorney general Aaron Ford talks Derek Chauvin verdict, Jorge Gomez case, bills in Nevada Legislature
WATCH FULL | Attorney general Aaron Ford talks Derek Chauvin verdict, Jorge Gomez case, bills in Nevada Legislature

Watch the full interview with Nevada Attorney general Aaron Ford following the Derek Chauvin verdict.


Is there anythito it now the next day?

Noum, my statement yesterdayand reflects my thoughts othat I couldn't even watchof which I think, um, youmove forward towards the,the whole world was watchiwhich is a good thing.

I tknow, the stuff comes to lthe better it is for us alI agree.

And I think whatwith people not having thedistracted by sports and owhere people seeing it ontime and being able to finan example, things that pehave been talking about anfor generations, Yeah, ingot Gomez's trial.

Uh Theshooting is getting a lotof the similarities to Geofrom afar.

I mean, it is ninstance for the districtUh and as I understand it,are engaged in that procesSisolak was a county commihard to get the coroner'sfact finding hearings.

Ummore transparency.

Uh, witto uh, there have been noin incidents where there'sbelieve the forced trajecttells us that Jorge Gomez,reaching out to you to gethearing changed.

Is that tto my knowledge, I will haservices folks if in factI'm not saying that they hknow of that.

But beyond tis a jurisdictional issueand you know, it's not somI have the ability to do fperspective, be familiar tchange over that happened.that seem like a good moveof years later?

I mean, Iparticipation in this procthink legislatively acrosshere where I am right now,there's a lot of conversatways to improve this proceas well as accountabilitylooking forward to seeingthe legislature to help asas well.

Do you see any spmoved through that are worgoal?

I mean, I think seveyou know Senator Dallas Hato be my senator taking thum frankly, um putting a tfrom a lot of folks who diis that she's raising, butbeing bold enough to bringthese particular issues mayou know, I appreciate herregard and I can't speak tbut I do know that she isa few.

Yeah, I know you hathe biggest police departmAre you satisfied that theis doing enough to avoid ahappened in Minneapolis?

Ican always get greater uhseek to cast aspersions onthat Metro um should alwayintrospection.

Being contitrust that doesn't exist iwith law enforcement so thtrust that has been diminiaugment it where it existsfor those who really all tI had.

Was there anythingto say or that you want tomedia today concerning theshow trial?

Well, I thinkin the sense that they hadhad a big deadline yesterdbills passed out of theiror they would die.

Um, andtwo days in a row passed oimportant and responsive tlast year and what we sawwhich is my no knock warralimits the use of no knockI brought in the immediateto the Brianna taylor killKentucky and the other isUm, that allows my officeinto police departments thhave um patterns and practdiscriminatory or otherwispractices.

And so I'm prouour office was able to getThat's important to note twe have the District Attorthat's um, you know, credioffice who were able to puand get unanimous passionsto everybody.

I know you hyou don't have a lot of tievery day.

But do you findto, uh, some of the assemband the senators?

Well, viin that building quite fresay I'm twisting arms perhaving conversations withof our bills, which is agato get unanimous support oas an example.

Uh, you knois open, maybe I will be owe have bills that are beitomorrow's testimony and mwill be there.

But, uh, yohave communications with fbuilding over there becausthat we can come togetheron the issues and ideas thto move forward.

You haveit only happens once everySo, um, this fourth, that'you for your time.

I reall

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