The all-new Honda HR-V e:HEV Exterior Design in Grey
The all-new Honda HR-V e:HEV Exterior Design in Grey

With its forward-oriented character lines and smooth surfaces the next-generation HR-V e:HEV embodies the brand's simple, clean, modern design philosophy already seen in recent new Honda models.

Defined by the same key design concepts of function and beauty, the compact coupe-inspired shape is familiar yet exciting in appearance, with a playful character and confident SUV stance.

Its sleek silhouette is achieved by increasing road clearance by 10 mm and reducing the roof height by 20 mm compared to the previous model.

Increasing the size of the wheels to 18 inches, which come as standard on the all-new HR-V, and reducing the front overhang further reinforce the robust SUV appeal, and provides the aesthetic solidity that modern customers desire.

The clean simplicity of design is realised through the car's smooth surfaces, with exterior design features incorporated into the body shape.

For example, the headlights, unique body-coloured grille and distinctive lower mesh grille seamlessly integrate with the forward-protruding nose shape and front quarter panels, giving it a more sculpted appearance and creating a sleek, bold expression.