Government Lobbying Scandal Explained
Government Lobbying Scandal Explained

Former Prime Minister David Cameron remains at the centre of a major lobbying scandal.

It comes as the current Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces questions over refurbishing his Downing Street flat.

Here is everything you need to know about the row.

In 2020, Cameron privately approached ministers, senior government officials and the Bank of England to discuss a Covid loan scheme for Greensill Capital – the financial services firm he has worked for since 2018.

He contacted government ministers including Chancellor Rishi Sunak and arranged “private drinks” with the Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

The Bank of England revealed through emails that Mr Cameron had contacted them on several occasions.

In an official statement, the former PM denied he broke any codes of conduct or government rules on lobbying and claims he communicated "through only the most formal of channels".

Boris Johnson is currently under fire over claims party donors initially paid to refurbish his flat.

Report by Bradbrookh.

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