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Monday, 27 September 2021

Lawmakers react to Florida emergency order lift

Credit: FOX 4 Now Florida
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Lawmakers react to Florida emergency order lift
Lawmakers react to Florida emergency order lift

During a news conference in St.

Petersburg on Monday, Gov.

Ron DeSantis, a Republican, signed an executive order that suspends all local coronavirus mandates right away, and will also invalidate all remaining local emergency COVID-19 orders effective July 1.

ONLINE-VISIT OUR WEBSITE ATFOX4NOW.COM --IN CAPE CORAL, IMCOLTON CHAVEZ, FOX 4.DESANTIS’ SUSPENSION OF LOCALPANDEMIC ORDERS IS DRAWING MIXEDREACTIONS BACK AT THE CAPITOL.WHILE THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRYHOPES IT’LL BOLSTER RECOVERYCRITICS WORRY IT’S AN UNSAFEMOVE.FOX 4’S CAPITOL REPORTER FORRESTSAUNDERS HAS THE STORY INTALLAHASSEE.Those flanking the governor attoday’s press event were verysupportive of his executiveactions and bill signin━ butthat is not the case foreveryone.There is a lot of concern herein Tallahassee as the statecontinues to deal with thepandemic.P"This order suspends remainingorders"(GOV 5:06)As GOP colleagues cheered thegovernor’s orders at a pressevent, MondayNAT APPLAUSESo too did Florida’s Restaurantand Lodging Associatio━"Our desire is to have as muchuncertainty removed aspossible."(GEOFF 2:08)The group’s vice presidentsaying suspension provides their10,000 members one clear set ofstate rules as recoverycontinues(Geoff Luebkemann, FRLA SeniorVP)"Anything that fosters thatlevel of consistency and removesuncertainty we are thrilledfor(GEOFF 2:29)Bu━ Florida’s minority partytook issue"We had another 30 people diejust yesterday from COVID in thestate of Florida."(JENNE 1:33)House Co-Leader Evan Jennecalling the order premature.Florida consistently seesthousands of new COVID casesdaily━ and sits in the middleof the pack for vaccinations.(Rep.

Evan Jenne, (D)Co-Minority Leader)"To lift everything and simplysay that’s it it’s ove━ that’snot true."(JENNE 1:01)There’s also a governmentpreemption concern with theother signature DeSantis gaveNAT SIGN(GOV 1:06)Now la━ SB 2006 gives thegovernor more permanentauthority over local pandemicorders.City and county controlweakened"I was just stunned actually byhow preemptive this legislativesession was."(Carol 7:24)Politics Professor CarolWeissert says bills like thiswater down direct democracy.(Prof. Carol Weissert, FSUPolitical Science)"I just worry because localgovernments are really closestto us and we rely on them tomake choices that that reallyour neighborhood and our citysupports."(Carol 8:40)FORRESTBesides SB 2006, there are anumber of other preemption billsfrom this legislative ses

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