I Lost 107lbs - Now I Know My Worth | BRAND NEW ME
I Lost 107lbs - Now I Know My Worth | BRAND NEW ME

BEFORE she lost weight, Nakeshia felt like she was settling for ‘bottom of the barrel boys’ who were only interested in one thing.

The 27-year-old from Gary, Indiana had zero self-confidence, felt insecure and would avoid mirrors.

Nakeshia told Truly: “Before I lost weight, dating was more like finding someone to hook up with basically, because that’s really the only value or the only thing that guys would see out of me.” When she was at her heaviest weight of 240lbs in 2017, Nakeshia fell over in the bathroom and heard a ‘skin crawling crack’ - she had broken her ankle.

This was an eye-opening moment for Nakeshia.

She said: “I felt like maybe the injury wouldn't have been as bad had I not been so heavy.” Nakeshia began her weight loss journey while recovering from her broken ankle and slowly began building her level of endurance and found her passion: outdoor running.

In less than four years, Nakeshia has lost 107lbs by focusing on a diet of moderation rather than restriction and exercising more.

Her weight loss has had a massive impact on her self-worth, confidence and this has impacted her love life.

Nakeshia’s found someone who values her too and is in a happy relationship with her boyfriend, Seth.

Nakeshia said: “A mirror isn't a place for me to hide anymore, it's a place for me to celebrate my accomplishments.” https://www.instagram.com/keeshnicoletv/ https://youtube.com/c/KeeshNicoleTV