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Saturday, 15 May 2021

Helping Kids Cope: how to readjust to summer at home

Credit: KMBC
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Helping Kids Cope: how to readjust to summer at home
Helping Kids Cope: how to readjust to summer at home
Helping Kids Cope: how to readjust to summer at home

The end of the school year isapproaching.

That means yet another bigchange for kids and their families.Here's KMBC nine is Cody Holyoke with afew ways to help you adjust.

You haveto hand it to our Children first, theyspent months away from friends andteachers.

Now they're back at schoolfor the most part and soon they'll comehome again for summer break.

That's alot of change, psychologists tell methey're seeing kids fall into two camps.Some are super excited to get back tothe comfort of home full time.

Othersare anxious about leaving school yetagain.

So how do you help them cope?And reset psychologists say it'simportant to create new traditions thissummer.

Things won't be 100% back tonormal.

So let them take the driver'sseat, sometimes choosing certain daytrips or experiences.

You can do checkin with your kids often, meaning reallyask how they're dealing with everythingthat's going on and try to talk it out.Finally, be a model for your kids andtry to frame summer in a positive light.They take cues from us so they CSbehave in a certain way, pick that upand they kind of go with it.

So if wecan model for our Children, this is anadventure, this is different, this isnew.

Or just to honor that.

This isthat this was not what we planned forthis time.

I mean that's okay to be sad.How do we sit with being sad and havingemotions around it as parents to modelthat for our kids to feel emotions andthen work through those emotions tocome to the other side of okay, this isnot the same, but how do we make?

Thebest of psychologists are noticing,teens are having more trouble dealingwith changes right now than youngerkids because of adjustments made toomany of their high school traditions.Their best advice live in the presentand try to enjoy summer as a familyCody Holyoke kmbc nine News.


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