I Was 270lbs - Now I'm A Competitive Bodybuilder | BRAND NEW ME
I Was 270lbs - Now I'm A Competitive Bodybuilder | BRAND NEW ME

AT the age of 17, Jonny Valdez, from Folsom, California, was on the verge of not graduating high school.

He was spending most days watching television, playing video games and eating.

The weight crept on and at his heaviest, Jonny weighed 270lbs.

The now 20-year-old told Truly: “For a 17-year-old kid who's almost 300lbs and I'm not close to graduating, and I was looking at these next four years like the rest of my peers are and I had no clue what I was going to do, how I was going to do it and that scared me to my core.” Jonny decided to get up, take a ‘before’ photo and began his transformation.

He introduced healthier habits into his daily routine and hit the gym, guided and supported by his friend, Gabe.

Jonny said: “I used to spend all day playing video games and now I’m working on my gains.” Over the course of three years, Jonny lost 120lbs and went from being known as the ‘chubbier friend’ in his group to placing fifth in a bodybuilding competition.

Now he is working on getting his bodybuilding pro card.

Jonny said: “I'm satisfied knowing that I'm building the body of my dreams and I'm happy with everything right now.” Today, Jonny will be attempting a PR of 400lbs deadlift... Will he succeed?

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