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Monday, 20 September 2021

Out-of-network medical bills: When surgery is covered, but the anesthesia isn't

Credit: 7News - The Denver Channel
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Out-of-network medical bills: When surgery is covered, but the anesthesia isn't
Out-of-network medical bills: When surgery is covered, but the anesthesia isn't

Denver7 investigator Jennifer Kovaleski and digital journalist Ryan Osborne discuss an investigation into out-of-network medical bills and how to avoid them.

Denver seven investigatesacross the state are movinin Colorado impacting patiup costs.

Investigative rehas the full story tonightshe sits down with our digOsborne to talk about whatthis story.

Ryan Osborne hSeven digital team joinedDenver seven investigativeabout your story 10 p.m.

Fnetwork anesthesia issuesThey go in for surgery.

Ththe anesthesia they're getin network, uh jen just kihow this investigation stalearned.

Ryan This startedthat came into her contactwas a patient who was realher hospital was in networa network but she found ouwas out of network just weAnd she tried to find a lecouldn't find when she sayof where she lives.

So shethe surgery with this anesyou fast forward a few mongets what looks like an oufrom her insurance companyshe reached out to us lookconcerned and wanting to kon.

And what can people dothey say they have a surgeyou know, three or four wecan they do ahead of timeto make sure they're not gsurprise bill.

That's realeye opening throughout thifirst that we learned thatthis patient's problem.

Thproblem for patients acrosthe insurance companies anBut what it comes back tois what can you do?

Becauswanted to know your patiento do if you can't find annetwork?

And what we've bedivision of insurance andinsurance companies is itto you need to reach out tcompany before you have suout that your anesthesioloyou need to negotiate withbe able to work with you dyour plan is and how it woregulated by the state orsome requirements that areto be able to have an in nSo your insurance companylet you go out of networkan in network anesthesiolobe able to work with you tis really important is jusout of network and just hocovered because it might nget stuck without out of ninteresting and just kindthink anyone thinks aboutanesthesia angle going inwould assume that that wousurgery is a network jennireporter.

Thanks for joinistreaming device for thatthe meantime, we have in dColorado's surprise, medic

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