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Monday, 2 August 2021

Immunocompromised people worry about end of Ohio COVID-19 health orders

Credit: WCPO Cincinnati
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Immunocompromised people worry about end of Ohio COVID-19 health orders
Immunocompromised people worry about end of Ohio COVID-19 health orders

Ohio Gov.

Mike DeWine announced last week that most COVID-19 health orders will be lifted June 2, but questions linger for people who have a weakened immune system or can’t receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

OHIO'S GOVERNOR THINKSVACCINATING CHILDREN IS THEANSWER TO SOME OF YOURQUESTIONS ABOUT THE END OFOHIO'S MASKMANDATE....AND WHAT IT MEANSFOR PEOPLE WITH IMMUNE SYSTEMDISORDERS.REPORTER LARRYSEWARD HAS MORE.(track)Viewer emails saypeople born without immunesystems or those with systemsweakened by therapy drugslived in "fear" through "thiswhole pandemic."One personwonders what those withcompromised immunse systemsare supposed to do now thatOhio has lifted healthorders... and how the stateplans to "calm their fears"over Centers for DiseaseControl and Preventionguidance that says "no data"exists "on the safety of covid-19 vaccine for people withautoimmune conditions."(sot/tc 5:14/ dr. carl fichtenbaum/uc college of medicine/professor of infectiousdiseases)"This touches many ofus: friends, familyneighbors..."(sot/ tc 3:05/dr. carl fichtenbaum/ uccollege of medicine/ professorof infectious diseases)"Thereare certain kinds of immunecompromised conditions wherepeople are unlikely to respondto the vaccine and developappropriate protection."(sot/tc 1:53/ dr. carl fichtenbaum/uc college of medicine/professor of infectiousdiseases)"...and so I amconcerned they may be exposedunnecessisarily or sometimesaccidentally to virus."(sot/tc 10:52:34/ gov.

Mike dewine/ohio (r))"(larry) is thersomething specific the statecan do for the immunocompromised or are planning to do forthem?

(governor dewine) look.we can make it available tothem..."(track)While signing abill about broadband inMiddletown... Governor MikeDewine told us covid-19vaccine remains the answer...especially for friends,family, neighbors and childrenaround the most vulnerabl(sot/ tc 10:52:14/ gov.

Mikedewine/ ohio (r))"When weworry about those who cannotbe vaccinated, we worry aboutthose who have made a choicenot to be vaccinated, gettinga 12-year-old, a 15-year-oldvaccinated helps them andhelps everybodelse." 27(sot/tc 10:51:36/ gov.

Mike dewine/ohio (r))"...we also know thatevery person who getsvaccinated helps for everyoneelse.

We saw something thisweekend that was great.

We saw12-year-olds, 13, 14,15-year-olds vaccinated allover the state of Ohio..."(sot/ tc 10:51:53/ gov.

Mikedewine/ ohio (r))"...peoplesometimes say, 'Well, Mikethat's not important becausethey don't get really sick.'And the answer is some of themdo get sick.

But also they'recarriers.

And sowhat we nowknow is that once you'revaccinated thepossibility ofyou getting it and thepossibility of you carrying itgoes dramatically down."(larrylooklive)"It's why his officeis pushing everyone able,regardless age, towardvaccination... to protectneighbors as much asthemselves.

In middletown...larry seward... wcpo... ninenews

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