Our 7-Year-Old Is Transgender | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY
Our 7-Year-Old Is Transgender | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY

PARENTS of a transgender child refuse to let judgement from others get in the way of supporting their daughter with acceptance and love.

Seven-year-old Ella Hindsley lives with her parents, Julie and Daniel, and brother, Grant, in Texas.

Over the last year during the pandemic, Ella, who was born Easton, has been socially transitioning after showing signs of gender-nonconforming.

Ella told Truly: “I realised I was a girl when I was four, I didn’t like the name Easton because it’s a boys name.” As Ella began to verbalise her feelings around her gender, she would ask her mum why she was born a boy, begging Julie to make her a girl.

Despite supporting Ella unconditionally, both Julie and Daniel were worried about what others would think at the beginning.

“We spent more time worrying about what everyone else would think rather than what’s best for her,” Daniel admitted.

Now, they realise all that matters is having a healthy and happy kid.

Both parents have received judgement online for Ella’s transition, with people going so far as accusing them of child abuse.

“The people who write these hateful comments have not done any kind of research,” Daniel said.

“Letting her explore her gender right now is not going to hurt anybody,” Julie added.

Ella wants to change her birth certificate in the near future, but for now, she hopes to spread a message of positivity to others who may be struggling: “If you’re transgender out there then you’re just like me and you’re special.”