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Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Johnny Knoxville Goes Undercover on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram

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Johnny Knoxville Goes Undercover on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram
Johnny Knoxville Goes Undercover on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram

On this episode of Actually Me, Johnny Knoxville goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Wikipedia, IMDb and Quora.

How fast did his hair transition to gray while filming Jackass 4?

Where did he and director Jeff Tremaine find the Jackass crew?

- Hello, I'm Johnny Knoxvilleand I'm going undercover on the internet.[upbeat music]This is "Actually Me".[keyboard clicking]Oh, why you gotta bring this up?Quora.How much damage did Johnny Knoxville doto his body while performingstunts on "Jackass"and did he age rapidly?Hello, Louise?I started "Jackass 4" abrunette, now I have silver hair.So, I guess I aged pretty rapidly.And I don't know if thisis how much damage I didto my body on "Jackass4" or on all the movies.I'm just going to answer on "Jackass 4",otherwise we'll be here all day.So on "Jackass 4", I broke my wrist,broke my rib, and got apretty gnarly concussionwhich I had to stay inhospital for like a weekend.So, yeah.Which "Jackass" actorhad the most injuriesfrom the movie series?Everyone has gotten lots of injuries.On 4, Steve-O busted his shoulder.But, I think my weekend inthe hospital was probablythe most severe injury.But there's, you know, things happen.Twitter.[upbeat music]Seriously, it's actually me.xSadGirlSosa, I know youwere probably too ampedon adrenaline in the moment,but do you remember being inpain after you shot yourselfwith the vest on?That's referring to when Itested a bulletproof vestwhile shooting myself with a .38.No, there wasn't pain.

It was just fear.'Cause I didn't have enoughmoney to buy a good vest.I bought the cheapest vest they had.The vest actually dispersedthe impact quite nicely.It felt like someone had hityou in the chest with a shovel.So, there was no pain.It was just fear.Do stunt men respect JohnnyKnoxville?

Just curious.The stunt man on the set, like,when I first started doing filmsand "Jackass" had came out,I remember on my first film,the stuntman, they said,"Hey, you want to sitwith us during lunch?We usually don't let actors sit with us,but you can sit with us."You know, that was a realhonor to be able to sitwith the stunt guys becausewhat they do is unbelievable.So yes, I have a greatdeal of respect for themand I think they're allright with what what we do.Where and how did Jeff Tremaineand Johnny Knoxvillefind the "Jackass" crew?Well, most of us came outof "Big Brother" Magazinewhere Jeff was the editor.And I was one of the contributors.And Pontius was a writer.And they covered Wee Man,they covered Steve-O.And then we kind of joinedforces with Ryan Dunnand Bam Margera from the CKY videos.And that's how we, and Preston, actually,he was a wild card.He was on my couch at thetime the show came about.And we got Ehren through Dave England.He's like, we were shooting the pilot,"Hey, can I bring my buddy to shoot?"Yeah, bring him.IMDb.Was able to make friendswith two of his heroes,Johnny Cash and Hunter S.

Thompson,before their respective deaths,even buying a cabin andother possessions from Cash.I did get to meet Hunter S.

Thompsonright before his passing.I'd met him before, years earlier.He was amazing,pure character, carrieda doctor's bag around.And it was filled witheverything a doctor would havein a bag.He was very prepared.To have never got to meet Johnny.@TheWilsonMan11, when areyou gonna find a new crewfor a new generation "Jackass"?Well, I'm glad you askedbecause we have a few new castmembers in the new "Jackass".We wanted to bring in somenew blood, some fresh faces.And so, we reached out to all our friends.And we got Jasper Dolphinfrom the "Loiter Squad",and "Jasper and Errol's First Time".His dad, Dark Shark, who is hilarious.We have Eric Manacawho was in "Action Point" with me.Zach Holmes, who I was aware offrom just seeing crazythings on the internet.I mean, he's a biggerfellow and just goes for it.He's really athletic.Rachel Wolfson, the standup comedian.She's fantastic.And Poopies, boy, can'tyou wait to meet Poopies.He's a total Spicoli surfer-type,and just will go for it,so, so hard.Him and Zach, really, you got to watch it,because they'll do whatever you ask them.So it's like, it's a lot of power to have.We have to respect that.More Quora.What is Johnny Knoxville's sperm count?My sperm count these days,I think is very healthy.But I remember one time in Russia,when we were partying reallyhard in around 2004, 2005,we were in some urologyclinic slash sex museum.And we took my sperm countthen and it was rather meager.They put it under a slide, you know?And they showed a healthysperm under the slide.Which it looked like, you know,just thousands of fishswimming through the sea.And then they put mine up there.All you saw were, like,four or five dead soldierson a battlefield, andfor the longest time.And then finally, two,you saw two soldiers areabout to have a heart attack.And they cross.And then when they crossed paths,everyone in the roomstood up and applauded.That's how low my sperm count was then.But, I've had two children since thenand I think it's recovered.Why did Johnny Knoxvilleleave the TV series?It was an election yearand Joseph Lieberman came down hardon our show we were doing.And unfortunately, we hada few copycat incidences.You know, he's wantingto be tough on Hollywood.And he was pointing us out directly,which the network kind of froze.And they had to really comedown on us for certain thingsbecause they were getting come down on.And we couldn't do the showlike we had been doing it.It turned into something else.And I loved the show toomuch to compromise it.We had, like, OSHA peopleassigned to the show,saying you can't jump offanything higher than three feet.You know, the constraintsthat we couldn't do the show.So, I quit.But then out of all that,we decided to do the first "Jackass" film,which opened us back up again.How much of the budget forthe movies is insurance?God, on the first movie,they didn't insure the wholemovie, they insured per bit.One bit we wanted to do,they wanted $5 millionto insure it.We wanted Pontius dressedup, like, in a devil costume,going to one of those Pentecostal churcheswhere they handle snakes.And to do that, they wanted $5 million.And we're like, well, can't do that idea,because the whole movie,first movie cost 6 million.We can't double the budget for one bit.Posted!Johnny Knoxville's eyeballpopped out of its socket twiceafter he was injuredwhile shooting the sceneon the Alpine slide.It did pop out of its socket twice.You know, I had a terrible concussion.And I didn't know it at the time,but I'd also powderedthis bone in my face.It didn't break, it just disappeared.And I remember getting backfrom the hospital that night,and I had a little blood in my nose.And I just kind of took myfingers and blew, right?And then, my eyeball went.[Johnny making squirt sound]And I called the producer.I'm like, "I got to goback to the hospital.My eye just popped out."He was like, "Ah, ha, ha."I'm like, "No, my eye just popped out."He's like, "I'll be right there."And then about a week later,I was out with Pontiusand he said something funny.And for whatever reason, like,I wasn't supposed to sneezefor six weeks, right?I wasn't allowed to sneeze for six weeks.Which is like, if you got to, you got to.That was the information I had.But, Pontius said something funny.And I went, I held my nose and laughed.It went.[Johnny clicking his tongue]So, I had double vision,pushed it back in, good times.Prior to "Jackass" airing on MTV,the crew was given an opportunityfrom "Saturday Night Live"to perform their stunts on a weekly basis.They declined, but Knoxvillewould host the show in 2005.Right as we were gettingready to do the pilotfor "Jackass", "SaturdayNight Live" did offer me,like, three to five minuteseach week to do something,whether it's a prank or a stunt.And I met with Lorne Michaelsat the Beverly Hills Hotel.And I was extremely gratefulfor the opportunity tosit across from that man,and, you know, really consider the offer.I was working in a restauranta year before, you know,and now I'm sitting acrossfrom Lorne Michaels.But in the end,I decided that, God, "Jackass"was something that meand all my friends weredoing and we had control of.And I just thought, maybeI'll just bet on us.And I was very grateful for theoffer, but I just bet on us.More Twitter.Okay, this has a picture ofwhere I ruptured my ring finger.And did you regain all the movement in it?And how long did it take?Okay, this is the one that's not injured.And let's see, it goes like that.And this is the one that was injured.It doesn't go as far,but it's pretty good.I was promoting "BadGrandpa" at a fraternityand I jumped up on thebasketball net, right?I was trying to climbup the basketball netand I snapped my tendon.So, I didn't know it untillater because, you know,lots of drinking at the fraternity.Next!

Instagram.[upbeat music]Picture of me in my RiceOlds Jersey from 1985.Wait, does that mean you'reactually good at baseball?I thought your talentwas having no talent.I loved baseball.I played baseball until I was 18.Like, up until the week I wasmoving to Los Angeles I playedin a, you know, I had a summer league teamthat I was playing on until I left.I was actually decent in baseball.That's the only thing that I could saythat I was actually decent in.I love it.I was a pitcher on first base.[upbeat music]YouTube.Yo concussion, how many JohnnyKnoxvilles have you had?I would say 15 or 16 now.Yeah,think I'm good on concussions.All right, kids, that's it.I'm signing off the internet.See you around.