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Monday, 2 August 2021

Gas prices soar ahead of Memorial Day weekend

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Gas prices soar ahead of Memorial Day weekend
Gas prices soar ahead of Memorial Day weekend

Americans will see the highest gas prices in seven years when millions of people hit the roads this Memorial Day weekend, the traditional start of the summer driving season, as fuel demand surges alongside coronavirus vaccination rates.

This report produced by Jillian Kitchener.

More than 34 million Americans are expected to hit the road this Memorial Day weekend… Most of whom will have to contest with the highest gas prices in seven years.

Gas is hovering at more than 3 dollars a gallon, on average, nationwide.

According to data from the American Automobile Association - or AAA - it’s the most expensive since 2014.

Experts say demand is partially fueling the spike.

Fifty-three percent more road-trippers are expected on the highways this weekend compared to last year.

As AAA points out - American adults, half of whom are vaccinated, are eager to fulfill travel plans that were sidelined last year due to the health crisis.

But, for some - finding gas won’t be easy… after the nation's top fuel pipeline temporarily shut down earlier this month, sparking panic buying.

Around 6,000 gas stations were still without fuel this week, according to tracking firm GasBuddy.

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