Juniper Movie
Juniper Movie

Juniper Movie Trailer HD - Plot synopsis: Since his mother's death, Sam (17) has been on a self-destructive spiral that could lead to his death.

Sam was not with his mother when she passed and has felt the shame of it ever since.

In fact, he is planning to take his own life.

Until he returns home from boarding school to find his wheelchair-bound English grandmother, Ruth has moved in.

Ruth is an ex-war photographer with a lust for life and a love of the bottle.

Sam soon finds himself profoundly confronted by her alcoholic wit and chutzpah.

Their first meeting is awkward; their second violent.

Things get worse when Sam finds himself stranded alone with her and her nurse Sarah for the school holidays -a disruption that messes with Sam's plans to take his own life.

Both strong-willed characters, a battle of supremacy ensues, one that Ruth eventually wins when she drinks Sam under the table.

Sam puts his plans to die aside and starts to find inspiration and meaning in his grandmother's lust for life and her photos as a war photographer.

Until he realises the woman he has opened his heart to has hidden the fact that she is dying from him.

Betrayed and hurt - Sam must choose to either step back into his old ways or help her face the inevitable.

Something he couldn't do for his own mother.