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Friday, 6 August 2021

Preparing for Summer Weather | Morning Blend

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Preparing for Summer Weather | Morning Blend
Preparing for Summer Weather | Morning Blend
Preparing for Summer Weather

The Bay Area know how imposure you are prepared.


This morning.

Weto talk about how to keepof this upcoming storm andWe have Jonathan Porter, cat Accuweather and he's jotoday.

Yeah, this is suchI kind of looked with in florida.

I mean thabout, I mean, it does looto be pretty active this seven mentioning.

But it'swish I had better news infor another active year.

Tof those folks unfortunateseason.

So we're, our expegoing to be another very atogether for that once agais for 16 to 20 named storabove average, 7 to 10 ofhurricanes and perhaps 3 talong the coast and in thementioned, this is nothingtoday, um, to have a plangoing to react to a hurricsupplies at your home.

Andneed to do if you were asktogether and be thinking aBecause we are expecting,active year once again.

Webecause everybody does wanare the predictions?

How mpoint.

Carly, I appreciateup because we say the sameIt only takes one storm toalso very important, especthat are in a place like tused to deal with hurricanabout the fact that not evsame, every storm has diffexperienced before, maybea surge or coastal inundator maybe a heavy rainfallto let your guard down.

Anwe have the Accuweather rehurricanes.

We use a moreuh, to describe the totalrisk, the storm surge riskloss and economic impact.Accuweather mobile app anddot com website.

That's anour experience in workingway from hurricanes.

A litin advance goes a long wayenhance your safety and juthe app, which we're showiabout the special that's gtonight as well.

What arebe kind of looking at andseason preparation specialon the Accuweather TelevisPlease check your local liat eight p.m.

To find outto hear from our experts.meteorologists at accuweatspecialize in hurricane deSo we're going to talk aboare, what we think the impthe season, a very activeabout.

Also, we're going tthat have been directly afin recent years to hear thunderstand the impact of hon their lives.

And importwe're going to be talkingexpert to talk about how oHey, there are members ofand hurricanes can affectbecause that sometimes iswhy people don't evacuateareas during an imminent htake care of their pet.

Soabout that and give more tthis upcoming hurricane sedebut in tonight at eightTelevision network.

All riso much for spending somemorning.

I'm going to justwe can do is hope.

I don't