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Saturday, 31 July 2021

Great Falls man honored for helping save neighbor’s life

Credit: KPAX - Western Montana
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Great Falls man honored for helping save neighbor’s life
Great Falls man honored for helping save neighbor’s life

I'm tim McGonigal.

For oneof Fox Farm, october 18thalmost the end of the linehe had a lifesaver in hisoctober afternoon last yeahis A T.


He helped plowincluding Bill and Auggierelaxing at home when Augiwas just making these gaspabout four of them and pusrecliner and then nothing.shook him a bunch of timesat all.

Augie notice Darrehis attention.

While BillAugie called 911 Darren iminto action.

Came in the hwasn't breathing, he was vhe started cpr as best I cat 911, the dispatch, theyexcellent.

They helped usa reverence correct.

Darynuntil enough emergency perto assist Bill who had sufjust a year earlier, timinin the near tragic event.there there, I wasn't in tout doing something else.archery season, I was an aIt had to be, I was that exact time.

The quwas led by DR Dustin Stewamedicine physician at beneas well as the medical dirHill Volunteer Fire DepartDepartment and Great FallsOn Tuesday, he presented Daward for his willingnessA lot of people are afraidCPR had people doing mouthof people are afraid of doWe push, push hard, push fcompressions alone can bebig thing is early 911 intthe people to volunteer inor the professionals to bequickly to be able to helphe wasn't seeking an awardfriend will be around forHe hopes his actions inspiCPR and is thankful for thWe had so many people therwas just amazing.

We're fofirst responders that we hdoubt whatsoever.

I wouldnwasn't for these people thand professionals and what