If We All Lived Together Movie
If We All Lived Together Movie

If We All Lived Together Movie Trailer HD - Plot synopsis: Annie (#GéraldineChaplin), Jean (#GuyBedos), Claude (#ClaudeRich), Albert (Pierre Richard) and Jeanne (Jane Fonda) have been friends for more than 40 years.

So when memories let them down, heart rates quicken and their families plot their futures in retirement homes they decide to rebel and all live together.

To help make their lives a little easier they hire young student (Daniel Brühl), who is initially a quiet observer but is soon drawn in to the group dynamic.

Their new communal lifestyle provides plenty of surprises, challenges and adventure but soon stirs up memories and hidden secrets from years gone by.

In order to find happiness together in their golden years the five friends must come to terms with their past, their mistakes, and their limitations.

This charming and moving story proves that youthful exuberance and happiness can be found at any age, with a little creative thinking.