Buster's World Movie
Buster's World Movie

Buster's World Movie Trailer HD - Plot synopsis: The greatest magic of all is love.

Even when faced with difficulties, happy-go-lucky 11-year old Buster never loses his sense of humour – he is an optimist and ambitious to become one of the greatest magicians of Denmark.

His big dream is to win the town’s big talent show this summer, so Buster trains every day with his old friend Mr. Larsen who himself has quite a few magical insights.

Still, he has to break through some hurdles: The clear favorite is school bully Simon-Olaf who is not only his main competitor but also wants to win over Buster’s crush Joanna.

Things are getting even more complicated when Buster’s handicapped sister needs his help and Mr. Larsen’s health is deteriorating.

With a lit- tle magic touch, things finally fall into place.

Script: Jesper N.

Christiansen, Original book: Bjarne Reuter Production Company: Crone Ungfelt Buster ApS Producers: Barbara Crone, Hans Bülow Ungfelt Director: Martin Miehe-Renard