Deadly Dating Game Movie
Deadly Dating Game Movie

Deadly Dating Game Movie Trailer HD - A radio DJ begins questioning her ex’s intentions when he suddenly re-enters her life just as a mysterious stalker begins targeting her at her radio show.

- Cast: Skye Coyne, Jillian Murray, Iyan Evans - Plot synopsis: Popular radio DJ, Shannon (Skye Coyne), uses her talk show to discuss her love life and is all in when her producer, Hailey (Jillian Murray), suggests they do a promotion where listeners can nominate friends to go on dates with Shannon.

Ending her relationship with Gavin (Iyan Evans), Shannon is ready to move on.

But while on her first radio show date with Ian (Hunter Hobbs), Shannon runs into Gavin, who is hurt to see her with another man.

Gavin begs her to take him back, but Shannon refuses, even though she admits to Hailey that she still has feelings for him.

But when Shannon learns Ian was killed right before they were supposed to go on their second date, she becomes suspicious of Gavin, especially as he continues to show up everywhere Shannon goes.