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Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Alec McKinney testifies at Devon Erickson's STEM School shooting trial

Credit: 7News - The Denver Channel
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Alec McKinney testifies at Devon Erickson's STEM School shooting trial
Alec McKinney testifies at Devon Erickson's STEM School shooting trial

Alec McKinney, who pleaded guilty to murder and other counts in the STEM School shooting, testified Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday against Devon Erickson, his alleged accomplice in the shooting.

Denver7’s Ryan Osborne has been covering the hearing and has the latest from the testimony.

Stem school gunman alec Mctoday testifying in the trWe want to bring in our diRyan Osborne, who's been tmorning, Ryan.

What role iin this trial?

Well, uh, hstand uh you know, as a wiobviously as someone has ain this case and really testep, walking the jury thrtestimony today is is thosup to when they entered ththe shooting happened, theclassroom, Erickson went toffices in the school, Mckasking him, you know, sayido this plan that they hadEricsson goes back and theshooting happens and we recourt a detailed step by sMckinney as to what happenit's that new information,before?

You know, a lot ofcome out through differentand affidavits, but it is,powerful or chilling, whatwant to use to listen to.side of the story as to whday, uh, talking, you knowwhen Erickson allegedly puthe out of a guitar case,classroom no one, no one ma detailed, you know, stepshooting unfolded and thenknow, the important part tin the classroom, uh, youup to the two of them accoaccording to the affidavitthis shooting that happenefrom the beginning, and reso long now, is there anytthat you wouldn't mind shait will be very interestincross examination EricksonMckinney, I think the keyinfluence Mckinney had onhave and really getting toI guess the role each of tuh, in the shooting and whor whether it was mutual,really key.

Uh, and we'vein the court documents thathe last two years, but kiis in, in court in testimopretty important to see hoto that, or doesn't responlike they already know, yoidea of what might have habe interesting moving forwyou know, aspect of this c

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