My Rapunzel Hair Is 5ft 4' Long | HOOKED ON THE LOOK
My Rapunzel Hair Is 5ft 4" Long | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

A REAL life Rapunzel whose hair measures 5ft 4" has pledged that she will never cut her mane.

Alla Perkova, 37, from Odessa, Ukraine, was inspired by her mother who also had 3-foot-long flowing hair.

Alla claims she only had her hair trimmed twice when she was a child and has been growing it since then.

She told Truly: "I didn't know such length is possible.

I just never cut it." To keep her hair healthy, she follows a simple routine - she only uses shampoo and washes her hair every two days.

But having such long hair can also be challenging.

Alla said: "The most difficult part of having such long hair is that sometimes I step on my hair.

It's very painful." After graduating from university with a law degree, Alla decided to pursue her dream and became a model and actress.

When she began sharing images of her long hair, she received an overwhelming amount of support and admiration from the likes of celebrities including international supermodel Candice Swanepoel.

Alla's unique look also turns heads wherever she goes, with passersby asking for snaps with her.

Every year, Alla attends a local child beauty pageant, named after her, and crowns young girls who are inspired to look like her with long hair.

But she also received some judgement from people who tell her to cut her hair.

Alla added: "Some people say I must cut my hair but I don't want to.

I feel very comfortable with my natural length."