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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Dr. Will Moreland shares 5 ways to finish the year strong

Credit: ABC15 Arizona
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Dr. Will Moreland shares 5 ways to finish the year strong
Dr. Will Moreland shares 5 ways to finish the year strong

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So we are halfway throughthinking oh shoot, I havenof my New Year's resolutioseem to get going Well, doguest is here to talk abouThis is Will Moreland Docthe's here with five ways.year strong and you say weWe got to get clear.

Listethrough the year and you rwhen we had those goals ankind of shook us all up, bto dust those goals off angame.


So let's countsay first off commits to fSo we have to commit.

I kngot some of us off the rocto making it a great year.goals and let's get clear.number two you say we havewhen we talk about leveragabout, let's look at somelook at some skills that ycan help you propel yoursefinish off the year strongit all by your self.

So sesome help, see where you cand bring in that supportYes, I love your third tipbelieve that we have to exit doesn't happen unless wknow a lot of people theyBill, but you can't live igotta live in, do bill andmeans.

You've got to execuThey like to be busy everyyou to be busy.

We want yoand that goes back to justit done.

Yeah, tip numberchallenging for people.

Uhassess our progress and ththat can get tough for folknow how to back to your pHow do we know if we're, ior not?

So one of the thinthe small winds, everybodyrun, but we're going to sato first base and gettingsimply taking out a pieceday and saying these 1-2 tthat we want to accomplishat the end of the day youI did it, so I review it,on.


Because a lot ofI'm getting up, I'm goingprogress but that doesn'talways a good gauge.

Givetry to reach it all tip, it says reviewSo there Susan there was acame out that literally satheir goals in the morningat night.

We're at a highetheir goals.


Becauseyour goals down and lookinuppermost in your mind.

Anthat you write down your gyour goals each and everyon where you want to get tpeople believe in puttingright and putting up all owake up, read your stickyinformation.


So goMarlon, we appreciate you.