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Saturday, 19 June 2021

Hotels Raising Rates in 2021

Credit: WCPO Cincinnati
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Hotels Raising Rates in 2021
Hotels Raising Rates in 2021

Those $79 pandemic-level hotel rates are gone, many hotels raising their prices to $200 a night or even more.

One woman has her cheap deal canceled.

The Tisha Walker found a gto the travel site ago.comwas paid, got a confirmatithey arrived in Miami Latinews.

The hotel had cancelThat said we cancelled witback in january.

Hotel clewas in error since it wasThe pricing was too cheapit was Spring break.

Worstsaid she didn't know the rup having to pay triple thhotel.

$1939.14 CNBC saysare raising rates back upthis year.

Travel agents savoid reservations that sachange, Save a copy of theon your phone and if you pmake sure they honor it.

Wasked if they could refundwhat Latisha paid for thatsays, next girls get away.the hotel directly.

It wasparty sites can offer greayou're not dealing with thso keep good records.


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