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Monday, 21 June 2021

Frost possible in valleys Friday morning

Credit: KPAX - Western Montana
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Frost possible in valleys Friday morning
Frost possible in valleys Friday morning
Damage to sensitive plants is possible

Hey there, I'm meteorologiOn this thursday evening,last night with some stronthe 83 I 90 Highway 200 corain and much cooler weathalready noticed those tempdropping through the afterWe woke up to the fiftiesa.m.

But then this afternoon the upper forties.

So wchange after that cold frothis time yesterday.

So abafternoon, we were 18 degrthan we were today.

So theit doesn't last for long rmove out tonight and that'us with a quick drying in.cover and moisture Of ourFriday morning, which is iabout that in just a seconup and really warm up fortalking a 20° jump in tempand Saturday will be in thbegin next week.

So why isto know why those clouds cdrop well.

Frost is in thethrough west central and svalleys And of course, silThose areas always gonna dtime of year anyway, but trecorded about 4-6 ft abovall those major weather stour info from.

But it coulcooler at the surface wherwhere that vegetation is.some of these areas, especValley Philipsburg potomactemperature could quite poor less and frost Is goinghere we go, we've got thatCombined with cold air thain today, it's going to bewe got the frost and plantGo ahead and just cover thtonight and tomorrow mornisafe and sorry, especially


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