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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

MSU's Old Crow dreams of working in Tribal Law

Credit: KPAX - Western Montana
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MSU's Old Crow dreams of working in Tribal Law
MSU's Old Crow dreams of working in Tribal Law

Six MSU students were recently selected for awards given by the MSU Department of Native American Studies to honor academic excellence, community service, and leadership.

Recently, six Montana Statwere selected for awards gof Native american Studiesexcellence, community servOne of those students wassenior who won the Phyllisleadership.

Holly is a nonand mother of two now on hwith a dream of working inis on a mission to make aso many reasons we want toher in this edition of posof the things that I get talways say like, you know,is making sure she gets tha few minutes talking to hit's no surprise she standwith the skills to get anyand beyond.

She was recentPhyllis burger award for lit was, it's kind of a valwork that I've put in wasrecognized.

She's a busy wtwo who just graduated witin science and sociology aamerican studies.

We caughthe job at the student sucof the american indian couhand in numerous baby this last year wasfundraiser that we host.

Wto donate to us because thnative students here.

Meanshe's made an impact, sprethe native american communconnections for lonesome csure they have the emotionto succeed.

Whether it bekind of create a comfortabstudents to study in or Iwould be times where I woucooked meal and invite a fwas just the most recent cNow she's off to law schooa dream to take on tribalis inspired by other tribato be part of it.

What I wand travel reservations asworking on like federal laI'd hope to kind of strengbetween both governments.were big motivators.

TheyIn 2018 she left her worldthree hours away.

A good lwith, but fell short of whcapable of.

What kind of lfor my kids?

Do I want theof just working paycheck tand not really thriving?

Oput some hard work in?

Indwasn't easy and she had totough when I put my mind tpushed for it.

So being upthing was, okay, you're heit gets lonely.

Yes, it geknow, you're struggling, ba reason.

With that reasonto law school, the pursuitmission to make a differenold crow the epitome of poIf something really becomefor it.

In bozeman, holly,holly says her family's baand the military and jobsfuel her passion for law.were honored by the Depart


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