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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Your Healthy Family: Pedal our Past, Week 2 Hillside Loop

Credit: KOAA - Southern Colorado
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Your Healthy Family: Pedal our Past, Week 2 Hillside Loop
Your Healthy Family: Pedal our Past, Week 2 Hillside Loop

Come Pedal Our Past and celebrate Colorado Springs’ 150th anniversary cruising along on wheels!

Choose the historic loop (or all of them)

And this year, healthy famwe're celebrating 150 yearin Colorado Springs as wehillside loop is a 6.4 miltakes you around part of Pyou learn about its rich hfind yourself at stop numbST john's baptist church aties with a name that shouyou in Colorado Springs iswas almost literally bornST john's baptist church ais the location that my fabuilding this church.

So mreverend Milton E probie.this church on this locati1969 And I was born in SepI literally grew up in thimy father do that warrantenamed after him?

And my fastalwart in this communitychair of the Civil RightsState of colorado, the firRights Commission for theHe was the first advisor oany governor in the statehe was our state's leadingrights movement in the 19He and dr King were friendafter, after martin's passfellowship in with us herean integral piece of tryinthis country.

We recognizeis an MLK boulevard, but wto do was try to get fountLuther King boulevard.

Andthe city did not want to radministration, our city gthe efforts and the outcomgave to the city.

And thatMilton Probie Park waitingmost grateful for the factthe fact that our city wasby white male landowners.and inclusion that we needwe need to recognize to pocity and all of it was buipeople from so many differThe right also takes you bcenter.

Stop 14 is the Nikmarker watched closely.

Ita bronze marker just pastmemorial.

Another meaningfride.

There you have it.

Tlot of bike lanes, lot ofa lot of shady trees, Perfgoing to take you on the Swe continue to celebrate 1


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