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Friday, 24 September 2021

World Debut on the Olympics Youtube Channel | Morning Blend

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World Debut on the Olympics Youtube Channel | Morning Blend
World Debut on the Olympics Youtube Channel | Morning Blend
World Debut now on Olympic Youtube channel

We are so excited to welcoMen Behind World debut, ais getting ready to air bethat will be introduced thahead and take a look andwe're building our own sceown thing.

We're going agait was just like I loved tof identity and self confiI found a sense of belongione and only Tony Hawk andthe face of the X Games, owell, gentlemen.

Good mornyou for having us.

I'm sowe get to have three new sthe olympics this year.

Anstart with you first.

Takeknow that your career on tthat you would be able toolympics?

That's got to beskateboarding was largelyoutcast activity.

It was mand we never were considerlevel.

And it wasn't untilof the X games that peopletake notice and understandwith, with what we do andskaters.

And then in the lwhy aren't people understaof what we do?

Um, but nowgoing to have this opportuto watch it as a fan, youyour head right there andnot new to broadcasting thyour experience, give us aabout skateboarding, surfiwill be introduced, How wia little different and whyinterest to do a documentabe, you know, I think whenwith.

I think it's gonna baudience is to sort of getthese athletes, you know,person's style and learninum, in the judging.

So I dto be that that foreign, breally exciting seeing howand in skiing um have withslopestyle have have reallgoing to be a similar typeskateboarding and for surfexcited.

These are sportsall over the world and areother sports that have beethey get to show up and beon the world stage of theMom and dad, this is how wsaw Tony, We heard you talthat skateboarding gave yodo you think being an olymalter the world of skatebotheir inclusive and they'rare many countries that haskateboarding altogether oto it and they are now goiof it.

Um they're gonna waand kids who are inspiredon television from these aconsistently.

And I thinkboth of your thoughts hereto end and share the detaican watch world debut as wand think oh this is goingWhat is the other talent oscale that we're going toin the last two years andconcur all three brazil Jaat the US.

Will have theirthem.

Uh, well again, I'mOf course this is being reworld debut.

Where can peoon the bottom of our screeto talk with both of you.