The Man With The Upside Down Head | BORN DIFFERENT
The Man With The Upside Down Head | BORN DIFFERENT

MEET THE man who literally sees the world upside down.

Claudio Vieira de Oliveira, 45, from Monte Santo, Brazil, was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (AMC), a rare genetic disease that causes joints in the body to become permanently fixed in a bent or straight position.

He told Truly: “The arthrogryposis in my case is rare, if there’s anyone who has it like me I don’t know about them.” At birth doctors said he wouldn’t survive beyond 24 hours but he is now 45 and lives with his mother and brother full-time.

Although they help him dress, wash and cook for him, Claudio has adapted to life upside down, learning to use his phone with his mouth and walk with the help of special splints he straps beneath his legs.

He said: “Because I was born like this over time I was able to adapt.

My upside down life has been interesting.

I think with time I found my way to survive, but it wasn’t always easy.” Claudio is a qualified accountant but focuses on his work as a successful motivational speaker.

He is also the president of a non-profit organisation that works with vulnerable children, giving them haircuts and clothes and giving them time and resources to play.

He is joined there by his best friend Adnilson - his “arms and legs”.

Doctors have suggested surgery to reposition Claudio’s head, but the surgery is risky and hasn’t been performed before.

Claudio said: “The surgery is possible, but I don’t plan to do it.

I’ve already adapted to life this way and I want to stay like this.” Follow Claudio on social media at... Instagram: TikTok: YouTube: Follow Claudio’s non-profit at: