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Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Tracking the Tropics | July 21 evening update

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Tracking the Tropics | July 21 evening update
Tracking the Tropics | July 21 evening update
ABC Action News tracks tropical developments in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

This is an abc action newsupdate sponsored by handymdoing everybody?

Maybe secDennis Phillips.

We are trA couple of waves off theexpected to develop at thianother area and the Hurrithis little yellow area haof development over the neis nothing to worry aboutyou get a stalled out fronpretty common for a week.northeast doesn't bother amodels are hinting it coulas a rainmaker.

I mean, coI guess, But it's just notof fact, parts of northernthat didn't get as much raactually find this rain aregardless at this point inothing to worry about.

Ouroof leaks, repairs and royour home are three generahas already taken care ofneighbors call today fromflorida to be immediately

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