I've Been Growing My 12 Inch Nails For 30 Years | HOOKED ON THE LOOK
I've Been Growing My 12 Inch Nails For 30 Years | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

A WOMAN who has kept her 12 inch super-long nails for 32 years has pledged that she will never cut them short.

Cordelia Adams, 59, from Gary, Indiana, started growing her nails in 1989 after being inspired by her mother who also had long nails.

Cordelia's nails, now measuring just over 12 inches, once reached 16 inches at their longest.

She told Truly: "Having long nails is an expression of myself.

It's an extension of who I am." Cordelia, who works as a nail technician and makeup artist, is dedicated to taking care of her nails all by herself - from regular cleaning and trimming to polishing and creating artistic nail designs.

To prevent her nails from breaking, Cordelia has learned to swiftly use her knuckles to perform daily tasks and avoids touching anything with her fingertips.

Known as 'Ms Nails' on social media, Cordelia shot to fame last year after 17 million people watched her washing her super-long nails on TikTok.

Along with the attention, Cordelia also received judgement and disrespectful comments online.

She added: "Even though a lot of the times the comments are negative, I like it.

I enjoy answering them back." Regardless of what the haters say, the long nails lover is determined to keep them - a decision backed by those around her.

Cordelia's sister, Yalonda, told Truly: "For most of my life, she's had [the long nails].

If she was gonna cut them, she wouldn't be her!" Follow Cordelia: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdGVFHog/ https://www.instagram.com/nailednwaisted/