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Monday, 26 July 2021

Dade City Brew House | Morning Blend

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Dade City Brew House | Morning Blend
Dade City Brew House | Morning Blend
Dade City Brew House

An d taking you to Dade citlocal downtown spots and tI don't even think I realibrewhouse the first and onarea.

I don't know if therto come, I would certainlyMegan joining us now to teSo good to have you on themorning, good morning, howSo I did not realize thatdidn't have, How long haveWe opened on March 27 forwow, we are still new to tis truly something uniqueyou guys are doing there,beautiful behind you.

Tellabout the brewhouse.

Thankuh, we're standing in an oand so we have transformedwalls and there's just somThe white brick behind methe car dealership, this wbehind me where we have athat's been here all the tbeer.

And then we have a tabout 150 people or so witpatio space, garage doors.outside we can open the wiand get nice cro bssreezeentertainment in here.

It'it's funny when there waspicture of the inside thefood truck outside out thenice too.

Right, having dicome in.

We have all diffea, we get pizza trucks, wewe've got a barbecue truckfrom Ocala.

Uh so it's greoffer different varietiesa mexican place down the slove to bring in as well.not just, you know, we donwe support local businesseto bring in your own, thatus.

I love that.


Tell us what you gwhat's popular?

How many dus the kind of the low dowon tap right now.

We justwith Tamari up in NashvillIt's delicious.

It kind ofpunch that we've had somea little bit too good, itbut there's no great, it'stangerine, vanilla and marUh So we also do some beerare kumquat beer, you can'without having a kumquat bof our original years.

Andfrom the local kumquat grosour and that is also locaof the farmers came in locwith them to get our fruitSo we're trying to keep itto support our local businUm And then local businesstaken our beers and made tand soaps, so it's all kinYes, I love that.

Hey bragbit of a hidden jim um fornot been out there and aweit's not, you know the dat10, 15 years ago.

The growright now.

It's super excishort time that I've beenyou can see the new restaushops, anyone who likes anlittle pastries and littleso great and we're tryingand make this a more walkacome here, hang out, graba restaurant going in nextthere's an event center, tearlier, all different restrying to make this a morekind of like some places uout and you don't need tomake it all walking for yoyou so much for joining uson a successful first coupcheck back in later to seeAnd again, I think this isfirst of many.

I don't thibe the only one for long.We welcome other brewerieswe want other people to exlife and it's amazing andand you know, we're familyfriendly, so we're just kienvironment where people cout and play cards or gamea good time to support loclove well Dade City brewhothe website.

I know you gumedia to, but thanks so mu