The Man With Giant 'Claw' Hands | BORN DIFFERENT
The Man With Giant 'Claw' Hands | BORN DIFFERENT

A RARE skeletal disorder has transformed a man’s hands into giant claws.

Harun Gatari, 23, from Nairobi, Kenya, was diagnosed with Ollier disease, which causes non-cancerous growths of cartilage to develop within the bones - leading to skeletal deformities and malformed limbs.

Harun said: “A lot of people in the community think my hands are a bad omen or the result of witchcraft or I am cursed.

There are those who say I should be an actor in a horror movie.” His condition first manifested as a small pimple on his right hand when he was seven - but slowly over time expanded to affect both his hands, with a large growth also forming on his shoulder.

Harun has had 15 surgeries already, but each time the condition has returned worse than ever - and he was forced to drop out of college.

Harun said: “Physically, I can't do basic things like washing or making food or making my bed and cleaning my room.

My hands are too heavy for me and so it's hard to walk for a long distance, it's very painful.

Even sleeping is a problem.” Not wanting to be a burden on his mother and unable to work, Harun became homeless - until he met soup seller Evans, who took him in and now helps him with his daily tasks.

Harun is now raising funds to get proper medical treatment to enable him to use his hands properly once more - and dreams of one day becoming a journalist or motivational speaker.

He said: “My biggest wish is to get the right treatment from the right doctors so I can live a regular life.

All I want is to have regular hands and to be able to work for myself and my family.” Donate towards Harun’s life-changing hand surgery at: Follow Harun on Facebook at: