I'm Attacked For Dating My Daughter's 'Ex-Boyfriend' | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY
I'm Attacked For Dating My Daughter's 'Ex-Boyfriend' | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY

BARRIE Drewitt and his family have been called many things over the years but 'normal' is not one of them - and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Barrie told Truly: “I would say that my family is the ultimate modern family, and there’s going to be many more like us in the years to come." Barrie has five children with ex husband Tony, and although the couple have separated they still live together under one roof with their new partners.

Barrie went on to find love with Scott, 23 years his junior, who just so happens to be eldest daughter Saffron’s ex boyfriend... Or so they had people believe.

Behind closed doors, it was all just a facade to help conceal Scott’s sexuality but the press lapped it up and it made headlines around the world.

Despite the backlash and judgement from those on the outside, the pair have a strong relationship and have gone on to have a daughter of their own with another planned for the future.

Barrie: https://www.instagram.com/donbarrie/?hl=en Saffron: https://www.instagram.com/saffron_db/?hl=en Scott: https://www.instagram.com/scottroberthutchison/?hl=en