Walmart Billionaire to Build $400 Billion City in Desert
Walmart Billionaire to Build $400 Billion City in Desert

UNITED STATES — Walmart billionaire Marc Lore has launched a jaw-dropping project to build a $400 billion utopian city in the middle of the American desert.

Here are the details: CNN reports that recently retired Walmart billionaire, Marc Lore, announced plans to build a brand new super city in the middle of the American desert for $400 billion.

Lore said the plan is to construct a utopian city that will be very clean and green, built around the dream of social equality.

Famous architect house Bjarke Ingels Group has been hired to design the city, which Lore has named Telosa.

Renderings of the plan show nature-friendly architecture covered in foliage, and people playing in large parks that criss-cross the city.

The plans also show many green technologies built into the city.

Lore says his team will be meeting very soon with state officials in one of the U.S.’ less populated regions, with the aim of receiving the city’s first residents by 2030.

The project’s first phase aims to build enough infrastructure for 50,000 people on 1,500 acres for an estimated cost of $25 billion.

The whole city would eventually house 5 million people within 40 years.

Lore said the aim is to create a more equitable city from the ground up, where all citizens would “participate in the decision-making and budgeting process.” This plan to build a revolutionary new city in the desert echoes that of Mike Reynolds, who after many years of struggling with local authorities was granted the right to build nature-friendly buildings called Earthships in an area of New Mexico.

Over the years, Reynolds’ community has built dozens of Earthships, which require no external water, electricity, or sewage connections and thus save the inhabitants thousands of dollars in municipal fees per year.