Becoming Pregnant At 21 Made Me Lose Over 100lbs
Becoming Pregnant At 21 Made Me Lose Over 100lbs

A WOMAN who changed her unhealthy lifestyle when becoming a single mother at the age of 21 is now helping other people achieve their fitness goals.

Tanisha Washington, 29, from Texas, used to eat up to four thousand calories per day - now she’s a personal trainer.

At her heaviest, she weighed 276lbs, she has since managed to lose 105lbs.

When she became pregnant with her seven-year-old son, Liam, she knew she had to change.

Tanisha told Truly: “I didn’t know my worth as a woman, becoming a single mother encouraged me to lose the weight.” After her son was born, Tanisha decided to make a change, admitting that she realised her child “deserved the most healthy mum possible.” Tanisha had been overweight since childhood and believed a lack of education on nutrition was largely to blame.

She would binge on junk food and had severe asthma and borderline high blood pressure.

“It was tough for me,” she said.

“It really took a huge toll on my self-esteem.” Since losing the weight, Tanisha has taken her fitness journey one step further and now helps others become the healthiest versions of themselves.

“I have been training people for over four years, once you help one you just want to keep going.” Tanisha’s bootcamp, called ‘Better Body by Tanisha’, has been inspiring for both her and her clients.

“We have fun and laugh and sweat it out,” she said.

“No amount of money or fame can compare to the feeling of helping someone transform their life.”